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Explore the grandeur of

Santorini volcanic island

Top Tours

Santorini Highlights
Santorini, Greece
6 hours


Group Panoramic Bus Tour with Sunset in Oia
Santorini, Greece
aprox 9 hours


Charming Oia Village & The Domaine Sigalas
Oia, Thira, Greece
4 hours


Discover Santorini

in an active way.

Top Activities

WALKABOUT TOURS & ADVENTURE is a modern Greek travel agency offering travel and tourism services focusing on creating thematic tours and outdoor activities on the island of Santorini.

Our lengthy experience in managerial positions in large travel/tourism and conference agencies together with our extensive interest in nature have lead us to the creation of the type of tourist enterprise which aims at supplying services in accordance with authentic experiences to visitors, so that they may become better acquainted with the Culture, History , Natural Environment and the local people themselves existing in this particularly beautiful location whilst simultaneously showing respect to the island’s sensitive, natural environment and its inhabitants themselves.

In Australia when a native adolescent reaches the age of 16 he abandons his community and goes into the desert alone. He has to live off the land for months, sleeping there and feeding on whatever grows on it. He has to exist and identify with nature . The Australian natives have named this coming of age experience ‘’ WALKABOUT ‘’

For us who have got to know our country inside out , climbing its highest peaks, swimming in its transparent waters, meeting the locals and sharing their food, drink and emotions , WALKABOUT TOURS & ADVENTURE is our attempt to offer these original experiences to visitors, beginning with the magical island of Santorini